Payroll Services

Being an employer can be incredibly daunting step to take – even more so nowadays with the introduction of RTI – “Real Time Information.” RTI means employers now share their information with HMRC on or before payments due to employees. Potts&Co understand these changes and therefore use RTI-compliant payroll software approved by HMRC.

We can set up an Employers’ Scheme with HMRC for you,  advise you if an employee should be added and manage the paperwork for you. Through each year, we calculate employees’ net pay and report all figures and data to HMRC – we provide with the full service right down to payslips for your staff. We calculate the applicable tax and NI deductions, including employees are on sick, maternity or paternity leave.

We will assist in keeping track of holiday entitlements and can file all the starters or leavers forms on your behalf. With late or underpayments of employers’ deductions now leading to considerable penalties, we can help you avoid these charges.

Potts&Co can also file your year end returns for you with HMRC and provide P60s to distribute to your employees..